The Band

Part & Parcel is the musical mixture of many styles and backgrounds conceived in the booming music scene of Denver. This outstanding five-piece, featuring members of Hog MaGundy, has quickly been filling up dance floors and getting people moving with their tasteful blend of folk, rock, and bluegrass.

Formed in the early summer of 2016, longtime friends Brandon Jay (of Hog MaGundy), Jacob Moss, and Mark Pietrovito decided to turn their shared love of bluegrass and string music into a dynamic, high-energy musical project. Quickly they enlisted bassist Evan Harris (of Rocky Mountain Toast) as well as fellow member of Hog MaGundy and top-notch drummer Devon “Tree” Lindsay.

In no time these five musicians began creating a captivating sound tastefully blending elements of folk, funk, punk, rock, and bluegrass while keeping a strong, yet equal, attention to songwriting and improvisation. Since their recent inception, the band has shared the stage with a wide array of musicians including members of The Magic Beans, Cycles, Good Touch, Lady & The Gentleman and many more. Come catch the foot-stomping, booty-shaking good time that is Part & Parcel at a venue near you!

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